Q:Are the pictures on your website the football kit that I will receive?

A:The pictures on the products pages on our website are exactly what you will receive, these are the kits we stock and ship. We are not trying to deceive anyone or trick anyone, look closely at the images, that is the non branded kit you will receive. A good quality affordable kids football kit that everyone can afford.

Q:What benefits do I have by ordering from your shop?

A:With many team kits now changing each season it is sometimes difficult for parents to keep up with the demands from children especially if you have 2 or 3 kids and they all want the home and away kit every year! We offer a cost effective alternative to purchasing regular kits from the Soccer Sports company.  Also many people do not have readily available kids football kits in their high streets, especially those that live in rural areas.

Q:Why are your kits so cheap?

A:We sell quality, inspired kids football kits from the "Soccer Sports" company saving you almost 2/3 of the price of regular kits.

Q:If I'm not happy with my purchase can i get a refund?

A:Kits with no personalised print can be returned and you are aware that the returns postage fee must be honored by the customer . Obviously Kits with personalised print can not be returned.

Q:How long does delivery take?

A:Around 10-21 days world wide once you are notified that your order is shipped.

Q:How will I know if my order has been placed successfully?

A:You will receive an automatic email reply that will state order Pending and then Confirmed. If you do not receive a Confirmed email please contact us.

Q:Can I get my order any quicker?

A:Sorry no it is not possible unless you are prepared to pay ridiculously high courier charges, it just isn't worth it for a few days wait and also defeating the object of finding yourself a bargain!

Q:Do you offer any sort of discount or customer loyalty discounts?

A:Yes, after your first order has been paid for and delivered please contact us and we will email you a special coupon password code where you can enter that code at checkout for a 10% discount in your shopping cart, this offer is permanent for all future orders.

Q:What sort of print do you use for personalised print?

A:We use the same lettering style as what the teams have at present.